Having been worn by the likes of Pixie Lott and making appearances on FashionTV, the Twisted Pearl Swarovski Choker Collection lends itself as the celebrities’ favourite. It flaunts two striking and elegant designs which embody 5 rows of beautiful grey/green and brown twisted freshwater pearls, with an exquisite and striking Swarovski Crystallized drop draped from intricate and unique massif Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil chains. A beautiful “H” shaped massif Sterling Silver clasp unifies the design. Retail Price: £390.

The Twisted Pearl Swarovski Choker Collection

Above: Twisted Pearl Swarovski Choker (Brown).

Inspiration for these Mishca creations has been drawn from a desire to create exclusively designed, striking and highly personal and individualistic pieces where the focus is on bold and unique designs with strong colours, yet preserving their classic and timeless quality.

The unique and elegant style of the choker is drawn from an amalgamation of rich cultural heritages from Western Europe, the Middle East and South and Central America, captivating and blending the alluring colour of the pearls with the magnificently clear, bold and contrasting Swarovski Crystallized drops, where ideas are transformed into startling forms: bold, audacious but always tasteful, sumptuous, sensuous and collectable.

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